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School educator and administrator turned homeschool crazy mom.
I never thought this would be me.
But here I am. 
It's not too late for you to leave the system too.

"You're not the boss of me."

Something my middle child says too often but I have recently taken the time to apply to my own life.

While I played the game of school well, I have three boys that have opened my eyes to education being more than ‘school’. In 2020, I made a risky career move - trading my secure and financially steady administrative job for a private school to imagine, create, and design a middle school that looks different from public school. 2022 finds me homeschooling my three children in a pursuit of even more freedom. My learning is not done yet so join me along the way. After all, I have decided no one is the boss of me either. I am discovering my life can be all I ever wanted and more. Follow my page for updates on this adventure - highs, lows, joy, tears, successes, failures...I will share it ALL. 

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Hire a coach. It's worth it.

Back in 2017, I acknowledged (quietly and only to myself) I was unsure of my job. I knew I was doing a lot of work at school. I liked the...

Who cares what the calendar says

That’s right. That’s what I said. I love resolutions. I also love the idea and feeling of a new start. A new calendar year can bring this...

Christmas Joys

Growing up, I had the most beautiful Christmas experiences. I would spend Christmas Eve getting dressed up, curling my hair, and then my...

Beautiful Gifts

Oddities and beauty have been found in our gift giving this week. It could be the Palidrone universe, it could be us changing for the...

Learning Adventures

If you read my piece, A Gift of Time, you know I spent the first three weeks of my school year at home with my children. It was not...

A gift of time

I was recently given a gift. It sure didn’t seem like it at the start but all it took was one person to point out that I had been given...

New Embers Sparking: Homeschool

I have just the embers of an idea. A possible next life adventure. I cannot fully describe what I am going to do or the magnitude of it....

Educational changemaker

What does it take to become an educational changemaker? I have long believed that to answer this question I needed to work my way to the...

The half-way point

It’s December 30th, 2019. Our kids have been attending an ‘alternative’ school: The Innovation School. What’s alternative about it? The...

Choosing a school

It is August 2019. I have wrestled with this decision for over a year. For most, it isn’t even a decision to make; it’s just something...

Abundance Unleashed

When people think of abundance, money is the first thing that comes to mind. To us abundance is anything we feel grateful for. We are...

Abundance in our family

During a coaching session, I was told to pick three words and write about them each day. I started with words like energy, health,...

Becoming a coach

August 2018 I think to myself, ‘I do not know what I am doing…How do I think I can do this?' I am sitting in my office; I’ve been...

Our school story

Understanding the school system and the harm it does to children. Homeschooling journey.

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