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Wife. Mom. Blogger. School questioner. Educational Changemaker. Hopeful future author. Life Adventurer. Other shit I am not aware of yet.

"You're not the boss of me."

Something my middle child says too often but I have recently taken the time to apply to my own life.

While I played the game of school well, I have three boys that have opened my eyes to education being more than ‘school’. In 2020, I made a risky career move - trading my secure and financially steady administrative job for a private school to imagine, create, and design a middle school that looks different from public school. 2022 finds me homeschooling my three children in a pursuit of even more freedom. My learning is not done yet so join me along the way. After all, I have decided no one is the boss of me either. I am discovering my life can be all I ever wanted and more. Follow my page for updates on this adventure - highs, lows, joy, tears, successes, failures...I will share it ALL. 

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Abundance in our family

During a coaching session, I was told to pick three words and write about them each day. I started with words like energy, health, happiness. I changed the words every so often depending on what I felt like I needed. One of the most recent words I added was abundance. The reasoning was that if I was able to look for ways we were abundant, I would feel abundance and it would continue increasing in our life. Shortly after I started writing about abundance, I noticed it more and

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